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Welcome to Prowler Safaris

Prowler Safaris is dedicated to providing our clients personalized service. Whether in a group or traveling alone - Prowler Safaris will make sure YOU have the safari experience YOU want. If you are just looking to see the big-five or are an avid birder, a professional photographer or a rookie - you will get what you have dreamed of from this truly memorable safari experience.

Conservation-Focused Safaris

Prowler Safaris is dedicated to supporting conservation efforts in the areas we visit. Prowler incorporates conservation, research and education into your adventure. Mother Nature is the best teacher and Mother Africa is your classroom! To learn more about the projects we support checkout our Conservation & Research page.

Our all-inclusive trips will take you through seven different African ecosystems, from bushveld to subtropical. Journey by vehicle, foot and Cessna aircraft and experience all that the African bush has to offer. Enjoy the warmth of the Indian Ocean and stare at the Southern Hemisphere's canopy of stars from around the campfire while listening to lions roar in the night. A feast for the senses!

Africa is a dream trip, and for many of us a once in a lifetime experience; it is the goal of Prowler Safaris to make sure that you are enchanted by your experience with Mother Africa.

"Once you have drunk of the waters of Africa, no other waters will quench your thirst again"

- African Proverb